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“Hi…… I’m Megan and I’m the Founder and Principal Artist at Makeup by Megan. I am an animal obsessed hopeless romantic and I adore spending my weekends (and often weekdays too) caught-up in the intoxicating “love bubble” energy that occurs on a wedding day. There is no other energy quite like it, and it gives me a phenomenal high that I have been addicted to now for decades.

Nice to meet you!

Over 35?

me too!

One of the many benefits of hiring an artist of my advanced age & experience is that I have worked with every skin condition that  you can possibly imagine, & I have experienced a lot of them myself too.

I understand that our concerns as we age go beyond fine lines & wrinkles, & that with our delightful hormonal changes comes a whole new catalogue of skin challenges including loss of collagen, dryness, rosacea, sun damage, pigmentation, excess sweat etc. And while I am not a medically trained skincare professional (nor do I profess to be), I can certainly recommend a number of amazing women who are, & will happily share my experiences from the treatments that I have personally used to combat my many changing complexion concerns over the decades.

From battling with hormonal acne from the age of thirteen until well into my 30's, to the sun damage & pigmentation I experienced as a result of many a Summers day spent sun-baking by the ocean, & then the anti ageing management plan I have followed throughout my 40's - I've experienced it all, & have worked with it all from a makeup application perspective.

So if you are looking for a sympathetic artist who understands your concerns and insecurities, you have found her!  x